What a night!! Totally amazing or what. You couldn't have been anywhere
better than this. Took ages to organize, get time off work
and just to get ourselves organized, 3 different cities each day in the lead up to
to Friday December 31st, Bristol, London then Liverpool.

The flyer
And the line up, pretty amazing, worth the money? Well, it was a once in a life time night.
The precious ticket.
Didn't take too long to get to Liverpool from Somerset. Sarah gets ready for the big night. Starting to drink early, Noah takes it easy while Alan sips his Bud'. Getting ourselves glammed up and ready for the night ahead.
Sarah on the right and two of her friends. Mad or what??? Roswell in the living room "Dave Clark is God", well I thought Carl Cox was, oh well.
Alan and myself with our precious Cream tickets! Making our way down to the party, lots of fireworks and champ'ers. Yeah terrible photo, but this is the entrance to the party of the millennium.
Sarah with glitter and anything else shinny in her hair. Get to the first party and it's Bugged out, not bad music, but not my kinda style. Looking back into the crowd, still early, but loads of wasted people already.
Nice hats guys. We move into the main arena after taking our coats to the cloak room, didn't take too long, well. We could hear the Lightning Seeds while hanging our coats up, while the Stereophonic's are playing at the moment.
Couldn't get a good shot of the group with those disposable cameras. Back in Bugged out by the look of things. Yep!
Alan get's down to it, Roger in the background looking at the girl in front. Everyone gets down to the music. Rogers on the phone already, must be nearly midnight.
Orbital playing some top tunes as always and great visuals. Midnight yet? The countdown begins, shame the photos don't show the massive projection screens on which the counter was displayed.
Midnight and everyone goes mad, totally wicked. Everyone hugs and kisses as Chimes kicks in, amazing rush. The main tent was packed, really hard to move in there, apparently there were 25-26,000 revelers that night.
E'd right up m8. View of the crowd. Trying to take the picture myself, Phil in the middle and a startled Alan.
Some of the people were wearing some totally mad outfits while others didn't bother much. The music is kicking, Pete Tong and Fat Boy were pretty mad, while Paul Oakenfold played before Orbital and was excellent. Shame we didn't stay in this room longer, but hey! Loads of people chilling out near the bar.
Roger and Sarah, Roger your makeup has smudged. The morning after, wasted! Noah, what is that on your head. Yeah OK, I can't talk. Less lip more kip!
Roger, put down that light saber otherwise it's going to be rammed somewhere not even R2D2 will be able to reach! Phil, don't puke again, drinking champ'ers in the morning, uurrrhhhhh. Alan, you boozer!
Speak too soon. I was dehydrated. What a mess and what a stink! Roger with his sword and me, well, let's leave it.
Time to go home after a weekend of decadence, everyone gathers on the steps of the house.        
Extra leftover pics.    
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