Devizes, Wiltshire, some house at the end of the town, I think it was 'The Gatehouse'
it was some house at the beginning to some large country house/estate. May have been Horton. 18.05.02


At Nunny Catch services on the way to the rave. Tim pointing out the place where this guy got beaten up in the back of a car. Famous for its own raves and all the trouble that used to go on here. Fights, taking food and petrol without paying.
Canadian Steve came along with Jon. Got to the party. Was not like we had been told. It was very small and cold. Had to park up a steep hill. Some girl was attacked by a dog.
The majority of the people were in the house, in the warm! as it was bloody freezing outside. Lighting and sound system was ok. Music was kinda cool too.
We hardly knew anyone there. John, Jon, Canadian steve, James, Sujo and Tim and myself went along.  
  The highlight was when the police came along and asked for the music to be turned down. The seemed pretty polite about it all.
Wiltshire police used to be the worse force ever! they would love to come in heavy handed and do you over!    
Mad person! he was ranting about something or other. Dj in the mix.  
After the party we all tripped over to Wood Henge, all very weird and cold too!    
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