One of the last times we went up to the Dip, 1996, just before myself and
Roger went to Uni', and Dawn to the States. It was not as good
as when we first went up, but we still managed to have a laugh.

Simon, Roger, ?, John and Dawn watch the fire die out, all in their own worlds by the look of it. Group photo, but what is happening behind the camera? Adam is looking at Roger who is looking at something, John is pulling a weird face as if to say "what the....." and Jon is trying not to laugh. John pulling another face, Jon is still in the same position as before, beer in hand, and Alison, well....
Another group photo for the album. Adam drinking, Gareth looking at his feet, myself being drunk, and Roger telling John something ridiculous or giving attitude while John seems less than impressed. A shot of the girls taking it easy.  
(multimap) Top of street hill    
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