Another year and another trip to the dips. Even though the ground
was a little damp from the many days of previous rain, we managed to get
a good fire together, in the end we had too much wood. Some of
the usual people couldn't make it this time, but there were enough
to have a good time, what it's all about really. The date, well, it
was after Pilton, July August time 1999.

Steve, Rob (which is a surprise nowadays), Jon and his girl friend. Lot's of beer and even some cider. Stuffing out faces the way we know how. Jeff making a roll-up. He brought the cider. It's always good to get out and have fun up on the hill, it's getting harder and harder to get out now that we are all getting older! my poor back :-)))
Jess enjoying herself Ends of the fire  
(multimap) Top of street hill        
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