The famous Dip's, 2001. The 1st main BBQ of that year.
Lots of people and plenty of food 'n' beer.

Everyone tucking in and skinning up. After a wet start to the year, it's good to have a dry spell, we made the most of it. Chris gets his BBQ's going while John builds his fire! Loads of food, makes a change that we ended up taking some home! After all the doubts, the fire is huge, after all the storms there is loads of dead wood.
Loads of the old crew laying back and telling stories and getting fat. Shame about the quality of the pics, Sujo and Jon. Getting late now. But still time and room for another steak and beer as Chris shows.
Tim showing us his caving technique Hmm, surely your meant to wrap corn in tin foil? Andy stays the night!
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