What an event, wasn't planning on going, but was given a ticket anyway.
1st big party since Cream and 1st proper pay outdoor party in about 8 years,
not counting Glastonbury. Weather was bad, but hey, we had a great time.
Homelands 2000

Homelands Flyer, wish we could have gotten their earlier The Ticket Getting close to the site, shame we can't fit the sign in the car
Bumpy roads while trying to take pics Just getting the sign in Following the convoy down the dual carriageway
Loads of people, cueing for ages and getting no where fast. One car overheats and we give them a bottle of water. The locals come to see the freaks! or vise versa Lots of totty and people hyped up for this big party
Some mad girls in the car next to us, terrible picture! Gave some sweets to them, that kept them happy as they did their model posses We had the dancing hedgehog on our car, everyone loved it, gave everyone a smile, dancing away to Radio 1 live less then a mile from where we are.
Parked the car a million miles from the site, so many people up for it. Trying to get a shot of the convoy and how far we had to walk to the site entrance. For the policeman who took the micky, yeah I like taking pictures of dual carriageways :-) Bad pick while taking a piss
Just about to go in, looks muddy, music sounds great. Hide our stash, but there was no need, just got waved through, wicked! Inside and it's muddy already, luckily it's not too crowded like Cream.
Inside the Bacardi tent, one of the friendliest. Everyone getting ready to party the night away. Roger, hmm, pulling one of his faces again. There was some awful live singing coming from this tent earlier.
Paul Oakenfold in the mix, the place is kicking. Reach for the lasers, safe as F*ck I want to go forward, but the others don't, arhhh. People climbing the rigging and getting in the way.
Terrible picture of us lot waiting for Leftfield. Disappointment. Back in the Bacardi tent, nice music, but not if your coming up. Want to stay in one place really, to keep dry. Visit a few other tents, the Radio 1 tent played good tunes, but the lighting was cack!
Made it as Carl Cox started! how lucky. Everyone's E'd up and going for it, classic mixing from the big boy. Aliens have invaded. Got pretty close, but could not get a good picture of him this time.
People look a little stressed out Made it to the jungle tent, horrible vibe! Nothing like the B.tent. Everyone is pushing and the whole party vibe is missing.
Back in the main tent again, smile at the camera. Much better atmosphere, get your glow sticks out. Just a shot of the crowd
Waiting for Public Enemy to start. Whoever the DJ was, he played some oldschool classics. What's the guy in red doing? answers on a postcard please.
Nice and dry in here, warm too. Not sure which DJ is playing, the PE set up ie behind, but they come on later. Phil with green stuff in his hair
  Carl Cox? no idea.  
Trashed Funfair. Great setup, shame about the British weather. General shots of the crows
  Back in the Bacardi tent  
Waited ten years to see P.E. live, here goes, Chuck D on stage. Public Enemy number 1 Lots of extra pics added on most recent update.
  Flavor Flav doing his thing with the S1W's in the background  
Got allot closer but too close for the camera, so lots of crappy pictures, which is a real shame. Proff Griff marching around, classic tunes from the 80's, love it.  
Flavor dancing around like he does, shame about the pics.   Such a shame, too excited and trashed to take proper pics of them!
Dam, bloody camera, Jeremy Healy setting up? Everyone loves them, great tunes. The blur is P.E, honest
Chuck D goes down to the DJ booth and the chap doesn't know what to make of him, what a joker!   Go for it guys, how heavy is your Uzi?
S1Ws on stage   Need to chill out, like everyone, it's getting late, well, early.
  B.Tent again, and Phil's up again The famous dancing hedgehog.
Radio 1? hmmmm. Tacky lights, but great tunes, who's in the mix again? no timetables left even at 6pm when we arrived! Get it sorted guys! Good DJ, made it just in time again, whoever it was. It's like begin back at Glastonbury again, the water just poured down the middle on the tent like a river!
Glad I've got my gore-tex Nikes on, kept me warm and dry. Dope smugglers on stage, good stuff How do you cross the river??
Time to go, shame, but everyone is tired, cold and wet.        
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