A free party in Honiton near Exeter, Lazy House, about 1993.
Took ages to find this one, John was driving the Fiesta in the poring rain.
The party was in what looked like a cattle shed.

This was a Lazy House party playing their style of music, bouncy, fluffy stuff to put it politely. The atmosphere was strange and it was raining outside, cold and miserable. The decor was simple, a few lights and that was it. Outside travelers were jacking-up Special Brew!!. There was a little stall at the back of the party selling beer and stuff. Outside some one was letting off fireworks, it was cold and wet. There were allot of local people from around Glastonbury who always went to parties like ourselves.
An extra pic from the night. This was taken during the convoys travels through towns and villages. You can see someone looking from behind the curtains. We pulled up onto someones drive at about 1 or 2 in the morning hundreds of cars. (I thought this was taken during another party down that way though)      
Somewhere near Honiton, Ottery maybe
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