This party was in Midsomer Norton, "It's Happening". Not a bad party,
good atmosphere and good music. There have been a few of
these parties, not all that I have played at. This one I headlined. 1996

The flyer for the party. 7th June The party in full swing, everyone loves the music. One of the D.J.'s in silhouette.
Gareth and Roger enjoying themselves, trying to dance to Force Mass Motion. The lone dancer. The lads again, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.
Creativity in the mix, check out his site later. Dancers getting hot. Taking a break from mixing, I get a photo of the decks.
The party is kicking, the music is pumping. Picture of the ravers. A few more pics before the night finished.
Lots of red lights! Mixing away to the large crowd Not many lights, but looked effective
Another shot Extra photos not posted before Extra photos not posted before
Extra photos not posted before        
The town hall, somewhere
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