Leeds Love Parade, how many people went? 200,000-300,000.
Mad weekend with lots of fun being had by all. Not quite Glastonbury Carnival,
but much better music.
8th July. 2000

All ready to go, Saturday morning, all fed and had a good night sleep. Rog, Phil & myself stayed at a B&B near Bradford. That bus didn't go to the site, bus this one did! a queue for over a mile! got to be joking! Grab a taxi. Got to the site at about 14.30, pretty empty, very nice soft bouncy grass. A few dark clouds, but some some sunshine too.
Make our way to the nearest sound system. The meeting point, didn't sign out names, but hey. The Radio 1 stage, good sound system.
Extra pics not put up before    
Some mad up for it girls The other stage, Trade. 2 huge TV monitors either side of the stage. Sticker frenzy
?? nutters everywhere, excellent One of the first floats we bumped in to. The Dream Team, some Radio 1 garage stuff.  
  Gods kitchen, great music Dave's float, another Radio 1 thing.
  At about 3pm the crowds start to arrive and the park fills out. John spots something nice
Radio 1 stage again, 2 projectors either side of their stage too. A shot of the crowd.  
    Sid Fox, great music, stayed here for a while before it moved on.
Everyone is going for it. Hands in the air for the build up anthem The serious float, again, great music played.
  Home float, again more great music, what a day! Nice looking people too, who's the DJ shaking hands, he must be really good. More shots of the crowd
Back to the Trade stage, when Black Legend came on it was fantastic. Everyone puts their hands in the air! A shot of the lads being, well, bad.
So many people, and a good atmosphere too. Everyone had turned their backs on Danny's float, oh well. Don't fancy yours much John. Nutters dancing in the trees and it starts to rain lightly on and off.
Back to Basics float had to be one of the best, great music, and a great vibe around it too. Nice sound quality till someone hit the emergency stop switch! Loads of people really up for it.
Over to the serious float again, loads of people gurning. Everyone is looking good and having a fun time. Beach balls bouncing around. Hard to see here, but there is a chap with foam around his mouth E'd right up!
  Follow the Slinky float, there's a mad chap dancing on the back of it. Again, great music, the sound system wasn't all that though, or was it the Gatecrasher float?

Everyone tries to grab the freebies.
Superstar DJ.
Gatecrasher had to be one of the best floats. Starts to get late and we think about heading back to the main arena.  
Wooooo, the Dream Team. and? Not a bad float, can't remember which one it was though. Undercover as the rain begins again.
Can you help me officer?
There was the now famous "mad woman" at G.bury Fest', here we had mad man. Trying to dance on top of a metal frame, how he didn't kill himself?
Extra last shot
Roundhay park
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