Mikes 30th - 22.06.02

Football match

Water polo


Footy in the garden at Mikes place. Picking teams, Simon against Mike. James doesn't mind, just enjoys a good laugh.
John's team scores a goal! Throw in, could lead to another goal. The MC for the match grabs another drink and takes it easy.
The ball was duff, but we still managed a good kick around. Going in for the tackle. Pat' brought his radio controlled plane which nose-dived into the field.
Water sports ;) No one could see a thing, there was WAY too many chemicals in the water, and not just from us! There were some amazing goals
A-team tactics But just lots of splashing around and having a laugh. Where's Roger though?
  Simon had some goggles so he was ok Was good fun and nice to catch up with everyone.
Chemical Frequency party in West Bagborough on the Quantocks. More of a young farmers do, but with a rave trailer. Lighting was good, atmosphere was, well, lots of pissed up local kids.
Mike had his mix and got everyone dancing.    
    Some of the girls tried to settle their scores by Gladiator games.
    Mikes name in lights.
Young and old had come along. A few people dressed up From the swimming in the pool, no one could see 5ft in front of them without it going blurry, poor Mike.
Still, they enjoyed his oldskool.    
The sound system sounded ok, was loud enough. John has a quick dance. So do a few of the girls.
  Mixing it up  
    The band comes on next.
We shoot over to the cheese tent. Music not the food, chart dance music.  
The lighting was good Sounds were ok Atmosphere, well we were drunk and bad.
Overall a good party and a fun day. There was a big rave on that evening which was busted by the police, which was a shame.    
Its circled, West Bagborough
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