My 30th, April 2002.
Had lots of parties for this important birthday.

Drinks and food


On the 4th itself I went out with Roger shopping and then ending up drinking champagne in Soho square and being very bad. Warm sunny day. Had a laugh and messed about really.
    Roger also admitted that he is going to get a job! I will mp3 this sample and post it one day!
Roger on the phone, important business or something. In the evening it was off to Belgos. Gareth came too!
  As did Jon and Steve We had lots more to drink and lots to eat!
Had lots of fun    
    Ended up afterwards at The Lab drinking cocktails till some crazy hour.
A joint birthday party at Come Together. The place was packed! Had to turn people away on the door as it was just so crazy. Ended up being extremely bad that night.
Had a good hour mix... ...even though some dizzy girl went and spilt champagne over my record which i was in the middle of a mix with! So everything came to a scratching stop.
Picked up my record covered in champers, flicked it, and carried on. Everyone turned up who said they would and some surprise guest too. One of the best night we all had a great time.
  Nathan out of control
Luke, losing it In the mix JK smiling away
  Hands in the air  
  James Steve and Mich'
  John getting down to the tunes Lucy came along too which was well cool as not seen her for ages.
  Luke gets in the mix And gets the crowd cheering.
  Another mad birthday!    
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