A party in a disused warehouse near Shepton in a place called Nunney, classic 1992 hardcore rave.
There have been lots of parties at this site including DIY, most were stopped though.
Still an ideal party site. (1992/93)

Not many people left in the morning, Gino outside selling hot drinks and food, while Mark & Mike (with a bad hair day) check-out the music. This was supplied by Easygroove, Ribbs, Lisa, Producer and Ramjack.
D.J/M.C. Ribbs on the decks, mixing a Production House record and other classic hardcore F.Project tunes. Playing the best thumping tunes that made bottles on the speakers spin.
Taken from the balcony through the wire mesh, you can just make out the people on the dance floor.
Over the bridge and down a lane on your left by some bolder's! near the "112"
  Got to find original negatives    
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