It took ages to find this party, driving for most of the night around country lanes and villages, waking up the locals
with our cars and loud music.
The party itself was in a disused warehouse like tunnel. It didn't kick off till about until 3am. (1992)

A quick shot of the police as we left for home in the morning. They had blocked off the main road, much to the disapproval of the locals:-) Same shot again, different quality A bad shot of us walking down the road to the party. Shame about the mess on the left of the frame. Think it came from where the camera was dropped. JK, Chris and Tim.

Apparently this took place in Tubney says Toby, someone else who went to the party! check out his pics at

He says:
"I have been looking at the pics of the parties and the Oxford rave was at a place called Tubney near Marcham , the dual carriageway was the A420 Oxford to Swindon rd.
As for the Oxford rave , i'm 100% sure it was the tubney one as we come from just down the road , i was waving at the police as they were filming the car's parked on the side of the road , now the police videos would be something to see , i wonder if anyone could get to see them , they must still have them ."

Somewhere off a main road/duel carriageway, in a wood and in some old military buildings
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