Pawlett Manner, this now demolished club housed some great parties.
This early rave is where I started out first, it never used to attracted big crowds.
Late 1991 early 1992 mixing it up with Bruno and Bugsie B (Stewart).
In about 1993 it took off with the Sketch parties and really made a name for itself.

Inside the club before the ravers arrive, a bit dingy, but became legendary in the South West, even being visited by Roger Cook! A bad shot of the decks in action. Had to take my own, as they only had belt driven turn tables at that time. Bugsie in the DJ booth? In the dodgy mix with R&S, that mixer was cack!
Bruno in the mix Mixing it up. Must have been about 1991 Someone is dancing anyway.
Bad extra pic        

These pics have been sent in by Charlie B, thanks very much!

My friends and I, "the Cucklington Crew" visited Pawlett Manor every Friday night for quite a few years,
all the time Sketch were there and for a while after, (wasn't quite
the same without Sketch). We used to go from there, down to Taunton Deane services and then
on to whatever party was in the area.... Tiverton, Honiton, Cullompton etc.
I have to say that they were some of the most amazing times.
We met people who had come from as far afield as London, Oxford and Andover,
all to experience the unique Pawlett Manor atmosphere.

At the end of the night, preparing to go down the M5 to Taunton Deane Stu and Kev on the dance floor!! The Friday night crew. At Sketch's 1st birthday they described us as "The best crowd in the West Country...No fuck it...the best crowd in the COUNTRY." We agreed!
glowing in the heat and scraping off the sweat. Dazed, confused and generally buggered Sketch doing what they did best.
H, Emma and Amanda giving it some.        
On the main road, well before it was pulled down!
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