Perception 5th June 1992
The second pay party we went to which was held outside in the cold at Longleat.
Nice MDMA clear caps

  A picture of Steve and myself having a laugh before heading down to the party. We had just come of a fairground ride and had come right up. It is just possible to see one of the huge lasers to the left of us beaming into the sky. Just another general shot of the party. Who's the guy with the face mask?
Outside one of the other tents which was meant to have a seperate sound system, and did'nt. Got a warm cup of tea though. The mist made it hard to get a good picture, plus the camera wasnt all that good either. On the other side of the stage now, can't really see that much. The white gloved ravers were here in full force. A picture of Rat Pack who played "Live" here, totally on one.
Some dancers appeared on stage, but I can't remember them being that good.
Messed up picture Some extra pics of the rave
  This is where we stayed for most of the night. There was a huge speaker stack next to us that was distorting badly. The main stage area is just behind the elephant. The music was badboy jungle with huge amounts of bass. Very misty outside and cold. In the morning I went back to the car for a sleep.
Longleat, somewhere
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