With the promise of free entry to Scala we went along, of course it never happened.
Went to the LCD bar first, had lots to drink then onto the club itself where we queued for about 2 hours, fun in the winter.
Year 2000

One of the DJ's, Joey, in the mix. Mostly people from Street and back home at the bar, old faces from the Street Binn, cool. Nice decor, red at the LCD bar, tequila slammers!
finally inside Scala and Goldie is in the mix playing some rough beats, very fast and industrial. Much better than the other stuff upstairs. Great visuals. Lots of people downstairs and no attitude! not like Homelands jungle tent.
Some woman DJ. Any ideas??   More people
  More shots of the night not posted before  
    And a few of the die hard left.
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