This party was moved on from Holcombe Quarry to a field near Shepton Mallet and Cranmore Tower.
The summer of 1992 before Glast' Fest'.
Hardcore was played to a large crowd.

Not a great setup, crappy speakers and a few joker D.J's. We took some lights, drapes and the famous head chucked on top of the car behind the decks. Johns talking to Luke's (The Producer), girlfriend. Another shot of the party with a net drape tied from my car to the car opposite. Yep, Tigger it's a mixer. Now who is John talking to. More cars arriving in the background.
A messed up shot at night, people dancing. There's Jon on the right sure enough. Dawn is breaking in the background, but who is on the M.I.C.? Kicking tunes, but whose got copies of the tapes recorded, and why is the petrol being kept under the decks?
Early morning and cars are still coming Everyone having a good time near the end of the night, Stu, Dawn, John, Jon and Chris. Who's the two on the far left? Great party. Day break and the party is thinning out, classic scene and come down.
Day time and it's nearly time for home and sleep, work tomorrow. Luke (Producer) is chilling out and the roomer that Easygroove is meant to be coming is still circulating, never turned up though, lots of drug talk. This scene of everyone happy, listening to good music in the sunshine, is what the authorities could never understand, this is what the weekends for us and many others were all about.   Amazing set of pics, some of my favourites. They have been processed a couple of times, all with different results, when you click the large image, there are 2 different versions to view.
Somewhere near Cranmore Tower, left Holcombe and went to a field through back lane. Will tell all in stories. Left in morning onto main road.
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