30th October 1993, Sketch parties were held at Bath and West Cheese Pavilion and were very successful.
We managed, as a crew, two parties there, but the place was full of attitude from the other crews,
too much coke involved on their side!

The flyer for this party designed by Andy. Setting up our kit, but where are the rest of the jokers?? Had to wait several hours for them to arrive meaning we lost mixing time. Never again. In the mix and loving every minute of it. Using my decks and mixer, and with the Charisma crews lighting and drapes, meant they had the best night ever.
Rave on people. Smile please, Mike (Creativity) gets down with it. Don't dance too close to the decks Mark! In the mix, bump, bang, skip, crackle, verrrub out the mix! Cheers mate.
Robin (Sapro) on the left, Mike (Creativity) on the wheels of steel. What's the kid doing behind the decks? Everyone getting down to it. Jon's on a mission somewhere maybe the mic, Johns taping the party on DAT.
Too much smoke Steve. End of this party, but where's the free one Jon? - Got to get that DAT tape :o) A last shot of the crowd before it all finished. Hard to see anything
Agricultural show ground
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