Stoke something or other, near Shepton.
Rather a small party, mostly local people, that was held in an old warehouse/shake, but with electric still on-line.
There were several parties held on this site, mostly which a friend organized, playing housey, garage,
fluffy bouncy stuff which was not to our style. TC1992 Funky Guitar was the most popular track.
The year 1993'ish.
(in set of photos including Honiton and some of pawlett though)

During the night a juggler got onto the table where the decks were and dropped a club onto the UV light nearly smashing it. Sam talking to someone, and a hippie DJ by the looks of things, surprised he can see anything with all the smoke. The room was jam packed with people at the free rave. Everyone really enjoyed it even though it was wet and cold out.
Not sure who they are. There's that DJ again. Really good atmosphere at these parties put on by Sam and that sketchy crew.
A broad spectrum of people came along, lots of locals and hippies. Outside in the early morning, time to chill out, well, freeze out anyhow. This camera got dropped and broke, lost many good pictures, and Tim saved a rock climber, so the story goes.    
Stoke St. Michael i think, though I thought the site was further away from houses.
    Tune that reminds me of this party: TC 1992
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