Saturday 21st September 1991
Stroud, a huge warehouse party, one of the last proper style of parties that I went to.
This one was an end of the season summer party that made the local news.
(thinking it maybe late 1991)
News report says September 1991

Flyer, thanks very much to... A pretty dodgy picture, but very hard to take one while driving down the motorway at high speeds Another dodgy shot, but we were so excited about this party that I just snapped away.
On yet another mission to a party. Tearing up the M5 in our rave-mobiles. Mind where your driving, Bang! Oups he blows a tire when we enter the service station to meet up with a bigger convoy. Want to race, only a small local convoy at this stage of about 5 cars.
It's party time and some start to neck their pills now. All of us looking for the rave, the police aren't being helpful Surprise! It may not look like many cars, but assure me, there were plenty. John's behind us along with 8,000 other ravers on a hill in Stroud.
Arrived at the party with Mark and Anne, time to party and find John as we got separated in the main convoy. The party was in an old MFI warehouse, thousands of people going for it, the car on the left was selling snacks and stuff. Plenty of attitude and different kinds of pills.
Trying to take pictures is impossible, but you can see the huge speaker stacks next to the "Gard n Tools" sign. I guess someone wanted an "E" badly:-) Out of shot on the right someone falls through the roof of a small room inside the warehouse. A pretty bad shot, the cars in the warehouse were selling beer and the like. We move around the warehouse trying to find the others.
Outside it's pissing it down, but in the morning it cheers up. Time to leave for us. Extra crappy pic    
I think it was near the leisure centre, we had to park in a carpark and walk.
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