A meeting place and chill out area is what The Barn was.
There has been some wild parties and crazy times here.
It has changed many times over the years with different environments and uses.


The barn in early times, not much decoration or lights, just one UV. The whole place is covered in egg boxes for insulation. That sign looks familiar:-) The original speaker stacks, bass for your face Smithers.
Climbing onto the beams was always a good laugh after sniffing poppers. (1991/2)
A shot of the survivors, late into the night. Sarah, Tim, among others. One of the latest gatherings, about Easter time 1999, in the picture is Tim and Geoff, there had been lots to drink that night, as seen by the S.C. on the table.
Some party or another near Christmas?, Tim's tired while the others enjoy themselves, Steve, Chris. (1997)   Christmas 1998-99. Party in the barn again, everyone was there. Jeff in the foreground.
John and Will D Beast in the mix. John in the mix after a recent party. (1998) Jon just chilling out with the Charisma logo behind him, got a nasty smell under his nose or something.
  Boxing day night 2000 Most people had gone on at this stage, too much to eat and drink!
Sarah in the mix yet again! Alex playing with the skeleton while we look on.  
Christmas 2008?    
  Somewhere on multimap :-) too many secret parties LOL        
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