A big party in 1991 at Wedmore. Lots of acid :)
Great set up with lots of speakers and scaffolding supporting coloured material strung across like a marquee.
Loads of people there

"wedmore was an awesome party. a bunch of us dj's shane & jamie, luke (one of the people who started The Glade Glastonbury)
Will (Propellor Heads) Scott (manager of Ozric Tentacles / Eat Static) Me ( Jas) went to set up a sound system at Wedmore.
DIY from Nottingham were scheduled to turn up JenJen (video girl) knew them, but there truck rolled over damaging their sound system.
so we ended up with DIY playing thru our system all night & shane & jamie played a wicked set as the sun came up.
tracks included Rabbit City Mirror Man Razor Boy. Co, Imperial. drugs were Red & Blacks (capsules) and Red Dragons (acid).
that's basically the Wedmore story, you can imagine the madness of the night!" email from Jason

This was taken on the way to a party I had to go to before hand in Bridgewater. Double exposure, can just make out stuff on the right A picture of John in the back of my car holding a newspaper with an article about drugs and raves. This is the only picture I got off as I was too wasted to take any more. It even double exposed with the previous photo.    
Somewhere out on the moors, turn right at the flashing light in the tree
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