Loads of great documentaries recorded from TV back in the 90s. The quality isn't always the best.
I recorded these all myself onto VHS video tapes which I named the "Drug And Rave Tapes".
Great collection of documentaries about drugs, raves, music and hippies

1989 The summer of rave

A short film about chilling

Assignment -
War on drugs

Banned in the UK

Banned in the UK -
rave section

Close up west -
Hardcore outlaws - advert

Close up west -
Hardcore outlaws

Close up west -
Travellers tales

Critical Eye -
Angleterre underground

Critical Eye -
Angleterre underground (rave section)

Dispatches -
Drugs and kids

Drugs Uncovered -
Rush pt1

Drugs Uncovered -
Rush pt2

Drugs Uncovered -
Rush (rave section)

Drugs uncovered -
The long weekend

Drugs uncovered -
The long weekend (rave section)

Exodus -
Movement of jah people

Flock rockin beats -
Global gatering 1997

French tv rave docu

Generation E

Glastonbury Man

Good looking records documentary

Heart of the matter -
Buying into ecstasy

Heart of the matter -
Roaming Free

History of music -
Rap and rave

Kiss FM -
Radical radio

Krautrock -
The Rebirth of Germany

Open Space -
The advanced party network

Opening shot -
Sculpting In Cybespace &
Searching For The Groove

Panorama -
High Society

Public eye -
Beyond the drugs war

Pump up the volume -
From hardcore to handbag

Public eye -
Teenage kicks

Public eye -
Teenage kicks advert

Rapdio -
The history of rap


Roger Cook -
E's program "Ectasy Kills"

Roger Cook -
E's program "Ectasy Kills" update

Showdown at Glastonbury

Soul 2 Soul documentary

Synth Britannia

Teenage diaries -
Between 2 worlds

The chemical generation

The west this week -
Drugs and crime

The west this week -
Drugs at glastonbury festival

The dance years (1992)

Top ten of 1990

Top ten of 1990
(rave section)

World in Action -
New age travellers
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