Rave clothing

For me it was a kind of mix of hip-hop and dance clothing, worn to to day and especially at raves.
I used to go to Bristol weekly to buy my vinyl and mix tapes, and also some clothes, but
mostly the gear came from London. Ideas would come from TV or what others in London
were wearing. The main shops in London would have been Hyper Hyper, The garage on The Kings Road,
there was also a little shop just down from that, I forget the name, where I picked up the Bart Air t-shirt.
Random shops down in Covent Garden, Passenger in Soho and of course MASH on Oxford Street.
In Bristol it would have been Tribe of One record shop which turned into Time is Right,
Fresh Nation and some random music type shops.
A lot of the gear was given or thrown away, this is what remains.

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This possibly came rom Hyper Hyper or from somewhere around Kensington. Think I saw it on Dance Energy once, so had to have one too The denim part is detachable  
Bristol, Tribe of one   Bristol, Tribe of one. A bit cheesy  
    Hyper Hyper in London. Or it may have been one of the clothing shops opposite MASH
    Random music shop in Bristol I think  
Black Market Records      
Between Worlds End and The Garage are a little row of shops. There used to be a small place there selling American gear.      
Bristol, Tribe of one      
May have come from Passenger in Soho      
Random music shop in Bristol   Michiko Koshino

    Shop in Bristol, Fresh Nation  
    Passenger in Soho  
John brought this back from a trip away      
Nike store London      
  The Garage on The Kings Road    
    MASH Oxford Street, because Chuck D had one!  
MASH Oxford Street, because Chuck D had one!      
Bristol, maybe Tribe of One      
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