Rave clothing & bits 'n' bobs

Trainers were always important. Again inspiration came from Tv and shows like Dance Energy,
and on my many trips to London. Most of the trainers though, came from Bristol.
I always washed my trainers in the washing machine on a low heat with no problems,
but disaster struck recently when I wanted to wash my old trainers. Because all the plastic and rubber
had started to disintegrate, this let in the water and the shows just fell apart. So after keeping them in their boxes
for some 10-15 years, I ruined them in a matter of minutes. Lucky I held off on my Air Jordan's!

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My lovely Air Jordan's      
  Never liked Adidas, my first and last pair    
  Bought for NYE 2000    
  Destroyed in the washer!    
      My poor Air Max
Loved this trainers too.      
    Bought these on a whim, never really worked, even at raves.  
      Other bits 'n' bobs which I had left over
Ah the bum bag. Although only ever worn at raves to keep bits & bobs in, and also my camera... ...it was always near by as it contained the porto-bong! Great piece of kit  
      A bit of bad fashion kit purchase.
Didn't really work for anything   Aha famous record bag Used to go everywhere
Never liked this one much The box also went everywhere too Filled with lush new vinyl from London and Bristol  
Picked up most of my rap and hip-hop from here, but only a few early rave tunes like Eon.      
  Nike used to include these with your trainers. Again, it was something you saw on Dance Energy The green one, I bought  
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