Sunday 10th June 2012
Day 22, Utica to Marion

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Rolling hills, bad roads, long day, loose it at the end, excuse swearing.
Length - 16min 34
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Start time: 07.03
Start location: Utica
Start State: Kentucky
Start weather: warm
Total millage so far: 1110.87

Finish time: 14.03
Finish location: Marion
Finish State: Kentucky
Finish weather: Hot and humid
Miles today: 72.19
Total millage so far: 1183.06
Today's top speed: 39.2
Today's average speed: 14.3

Music played:
Goldie - Drum and Bass Arena - the Classics
Goldie Ė Timeless
Grace Jones Ė Hurricane
Grandmaster Flash - The Greatest Hits
Groove Armada - Black Light

Blog for the day (Monday, 11 June 2012):
SCREAM!!!!!! Arrrghghghgghgh. What a horrible long day. How close to just throwing the bike in the hedge, hailing a car down and getting a flight out to some beach in Thailand, well, Mexico would be closer. Still. Today was way too long after yesterday, it dragged on and on and on! Those frigging hills towards the end when you expect to see the town over the next hill and you donít, just more hills! I know itís Sunday but I was frigging this and frigging that for a long time. It seemed like the last 50 odd miles were just crap, nothing interesting to see or do, just headwind and corn. Finally found town and couldn't find the place where we were meant to stay, if I had seen a hotel, I would have just booked a room there and then, probably for a week if they had good spa facilities, but being in a town with around 4000 people, I doubt if there would be anything that fancy. No sign of where we were meant to stay either! *bangs head off wall*

So what fun things happened today. Well the egg plant, or whatever it was, was proud to admit zero accidents in the pastÖ zero months! Lol. The earlier part of the ride was great, the roads were amazing, the temperature just perfect, with lots of things to look at and take photos of. We met up with the girls and had brunch at this funny little diner place which was a laugh. I headed off but it just became boring. The headwind started and the scenery changed, it just became a drag! Not even my music could lift my spirits. There seems to be a real shortage of water here, unlike home! Just got off the phone with them and itís still raining with everyone putting on their heating!! Yep, so a lot of the river beds and creaks are either really low or have totally dried up altogether. Iím not sure if it is always like this, if this is a hot spell or what. I would be pretty concerned if this was becoming the norm as they grow a heck of a lot of food and tobacco around here, if it were to dry up then there would be real problems!

Not many people on the roads today, it is Sunday, but even so. A couple of idiot close drivers who could have easily used the other side of the road, there seems to be more and more of those. No sign of the rain which was meant to come at 4pm today. I may take a look around town later, have to log into some wifi somewhere. Found a lovely old town called Sebree. Dixon could have been better. Thatís about all I can think of, or have the energy to write for today. Oh I did some a father and son playing baseball in the front garden.

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