Trans-Am 2012

These pages tell the story of my TransAm cycle ride, coast to coast, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, across a continent, or put simply - cycling across America.
The following pages contain many many photo's, more than what I have put on my blog of FB account. There are loads of similar photo's and in a way,
It is a bit of a photo dump I guess. All the text and info is taken right off my blog, which was written daily while on route. It is truthful, gritty and harsh , like the countryside
we cycled through. I've not re-read it, so I have not changed anything which has been written, good or bad. I thought it best to be honest.
I think some of my views are different now. The bad spelling is included too.

What is different than the blog is the inclusion of videos. I did add little clips though. On my bike I had my GoPro Hero2 attached to the handlebars,
recording non-stop during each days ride. Each day took about 4-5hours to cycle, so imagine how much footage I am having to go through. I hope to add a "Across America in 10minutes"
video, but at the moment I am concentrating on editing each days ride. I was going to try and take the best bits from each, but there is so much great footage
that I thought it best to detail each ride. I had hoped to have it to 10minutes a day, but it seems to be around 15-20minutes. Sorry. A lot of it too is very similar, going fast down hill and around corners!
The videos show everything, warts and all. Wrong turns, silly mistakes, near misses, everything! You do have to watch the videos closely as there is a lot packed into them.
Animals running across the roads, birds, butterfly's flying about, dead animals and blood trails, idiot drivers, lumps of coal and other debris, cars tooting horns, dogs barking,
fly's hitting the camera, nice plants & flowers, gardens, cars, houses etc. I am trying to show things which are different than back home in the UK, simple things like signs,
road markings, shops, buildings, people and cars etc. I'm guessing a lot of Americans have not seen the back roads of Kentucky either.
A lot of it will be boring to the Americans I presume. But I think seeing the scenery change through the videos will be interesting enough.

The films are edited to music in a linear fashion, in that it follows the days ride, I don't chop back and forward.
None of the footage, except where obvious like on the freeways, was speeded up, even though it may look like it.
The music is what I listened to each day, although some of it is just inspired by the ride or music I didn't take.
I have tried to keep the music the same. Some of it fits in with the days cycle ride, some don't.
There is no meaning behind the tunes. The reason for the music was to try and hide the rattle of the camera.
The original quality is much better than the compressed, so if you want a HQ version, just let me know.
I am sure also, that I have missed a lot out while searching through the footage.
I had a great adventure, an amazing 3months of my life with some fantastic people.

Watch the films and see what it is like to cycle across America!


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