Tuesday 12th June 2012
Day 24, Dixon Springs to Carbondale

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MP4 Quick Time
Rolling hills, getting lost, Gina rides with the A-team.
Length - 14min 50
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Start time: 7.20
Start location: Dixon Springs
Start State: Illinois
Start weather: warm
Total millage so far: 1231.87

Finish time: 12.21
Finish location: Carbondale
Finish State: Illinois
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 54.46
Total millage so far: 1286.33
Today's top speed: 39.3
Today's average speed: 14.3

Music played:
Heaven 17 - The Best Of Heaven 17
Hijack - Horns of jericho
Howard Jones - Best of

Blog for the day (Tuesday, 12 June 2012):
Apparently I need to talk about other people in my blog ;) but I mostly cycle on my own towards the end of the day, so....

Getting a bit bored of all this cycling, would be nice to have a week off :) I guess that isn't going to happen, so I will have to make the most of my day off. Haircut, maybe cinema, pop to bike shop, go for a swim etc. Tired and sure as hell need this rest. Heavy thunderstorms last night with the thunder making the whole building shake! Loads of fireflies last night too. The morning was clear and warm, I decided against cycling to the camp next door to see how the prisoners were doing. The roads were ok but some were in pretty bad shape. A few deer ran out throughout the day. Some of the scenery was great, but the stop in Goreville was the highlight. Great food and a laugh in the local town at Delaney's, highly recommend it. We had Gina ride the whole day with us which was good fun for a change. We had a laugh and talked lots. The day heated it up quickly and soon sapped me of energy. I'm kinda stuck where abouts in the pack to ride though. I had a mechanical failure and no one checked to see if I had fallen behind or if something had happened to me. The party girls at the back ride to slow, but have lots of fun, while if I stick at the front I slow down at about 40miles out and end up riding on my own which is def' not fun. What to do??

Now relaxing at a nice hotel, watching Judge Judy. Baseball tonight which will be great fun, i hope. Glad to have a day off tomorrow.

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