Wednesday 13th June 2012
Day 25, Carbondale - DAY OFF

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Quick ride to the bike shop.
Length - 2min 35
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Blog for the day (Wednesday, 13 June 2012):
So last night, Mike treated us to minor minor minor league baseball. It was great! We had a fab time. i had done a Phillie's game the year before which was also good fun, but this was something else. We were right behind the visiting teams dugout, we had fab seats. So beer and hot dogs later we saw the team loose. Really good night, didn't catch a ball though, oh well.

Today, well, had my first American haircut, and I think last, as I wont need another till I get home! Bike went in for a tune up and now needs new this and new that, groan! not good. At least I checked myself into a nice hotel last night. I had a fab nights sleep and a good shower. Not had time to use the pool which is a real shame as have had lots to do today. Lots more to do but not much time now. Have to collect bike and meet up for dinner and map meeting, hopefully get to the cinema this evening too.

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