Thursday 12th July 2012
Day 54 - Saratoga to Rawlins

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MP4 Quick Time
Amazing to see where the wagons crossed the continent, and the tracks are still visable. Bad roads and got a little lost again.
Length - 14min 09
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Start time: 07.44
Start location: Saratoga
Start State: Wyoming
Start weather: warm
Total millage so far: 2,778

Finish time: 12.16
Finish location: Rawlins
Finish State: Wyoming
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 47.08
Total millage so far: 2,825.08
Today's top speed: 39.8
Today's average speed: 18.2, but it was up to and over 20.5 at times
Todayís ride time: 2hr 35min 0sec
Punctures - 2 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel)

Music played:
The Essential Mix - DJ Pierre - 14-01-07
The Essential Mix - Gareth Wyn - 15-01-11

Blog for the day (Friday, 13 July 2012):
A bit tired today, so will try and keep it brief as possible. So it was reallllllly windy last night, we tried to have dinner and the map meeting but the gazebo nearly blew away as did everything and anything which was not nailed down! I canít imagine how terrible it would be to cycle in that kinda wind. Luckily for us it died down overnight and we had an amazing tailwind most of the way to our destination Rawlins. There seemed to be a lot of money in and around Saratoga, some big houses dotted about the landscape, expensive ice cream and fancy shops in town, but I guess the big give away were the private jets at the small airport. Spoke to the English lads again last night, oh its so nice to hear English normal voices again lol

The scenery was pretty dull today, lucky I had the tailwind so just put my foot down and went. Poor Wendy had a flat right out of camp and we stopped to help her out. The only nice or interesting piece of scenery today were the White Cliffs of Dover as I called them. It looks like this whole area was under water years ago so you can still make out cliffs and sloping sandy shore lines which would have dropped off into the sea.

During the trip Iím trying to work out my weaknesses and strengths Ė if any. In cycling the weaknesses are lack of water, sleep, oxygen/air, food, while I dislike hills, cracked roads, headwinds and bad drivers. I am sure there is more, but Iím tired and want to go to sleep for a bit. I had run out of normal album music so it was time for the Essential Mixes! GREAT. Starting off with DJ Pierre and his amazing acid mix. Dam that was good and got me flying today. The cows seem to like it too and I shouted ACIEEDDD at them lol. Great fun, amazing mix. One of the things which does excite me is the history of the place. Cycling where we are now is awesome, its where the Wild West happened. You can see it in the names of the towns we pass through, or can see on the map.

With an average speed of over 20mph, I got into Sinclair in under two hours from camp, at about 09.50. I had my food and hung around for a while for the others to pull in. It wasnít really worth pushing on to Rawlins as Paul had just passed me in the van and I didnít want to be in to cap too early getting in his way. He probably wants a bit of piece and quiet too. I did some postcards, took some photos and used the wifi there. Fab place in the shade, would have been a great place to camped. A few huge trains went through, some with a couple of engines in the middle as well as at the front and back. The interstate which we had to go on was pretty good. Yes there was some shredded tires in the lane and some other rubbish, but generally really good. Whizzed along it with the drivers giving me plenty of room, more than the crazy driver who nearly squashed us all the other week. Such a fast good ride today, really enjoyed it. Now in Rawlins doing laundry, oh the glamour.

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