Monday 16th July 2012
Day 58 - Dubois to Colter Bay

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Breathtaking scenery, really nice long downhill. Rained a bit. Defo' want to go back.
Length - 18min 02
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Long downhill clip.

MP4 Quick Time


Start time: 07.26
Start location: Dubois
Start State: Wyoming
Start weather: Overcast
Total millage so far: 3,031.07

Finish time: 15.10
Finish location: Colter Bay
Finish State: Wyoming
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 65.20
Total millage so far: 3,096.27
Today's top speed: 47.1
Today's average speed: 13.1
Today’s ride time: 4hr 58min 14sec
Punctures - 2 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel)

Music played:
The Essential Mix - Carl Cox - 11-04-09
The Essential Mix - Funkagenda - 30-04-11
The Essential Mix - Mauro Picotto - 01-07-07
The Essential Mix - Sharam - 14-05-11

Blog for the day (Wednesday, 18 July 2012):
Here I am in Jackson, or Jackson Hole writing my blog while drinking a huckleberry smoothy, yummy! I am now officially a yank! Sorry but I have become native! I no longer take notice of the little American flags in plant pots, nor the two dappy girls next to me talking “teenage” where every other word is like “like” or awesome, if anything, like, my every other word is like awesome now. I have really settled in to this lifestyle and I am not sure how I am going to suffer quaint little ‘ol London, let alone Somerset. The cowboys say “howdy” to me, even thought they still think I am from Australia. The sun is shining yet again, the sky is blue, yet again and I forgot to put any sun screen on, yet again! I’ve eaten a elk burger in a old cowboy saloon where the seats at the bar are old saddles; bought tat around town, but not had my picture taken yet by the antlers. Still waiting for the big fight to start between Philo and Jack Wilson

This is meant to be a blog for yesterday though. Hmmm errrr what happened yesterday thought? The scenery was super awesome, coming over the top of the long hard mountain pass we had to cycle over, we were met by the amazing Teton mountains in the distance. Most amazing. I had to get a workman to transport me and my bike over the roadworks for 3miles. He was nice and we chatted about stuff. There wasn’t too much headwind through the day, a bit of rain came later but not for long. By the time I got my coat on I had outran the rain. I picked up some cooking scales from the post office. I hope to show my yank brothers how to cook properly, although cooking at altitude may still be a problem. Must consult the internet.

Not sure what else happened, it was all a blur, just another day cycling. Oh, the lady at checkpoint Charlie where we had to pay to gain access to the national park, looked just like Avril from back home. One of the best bits of the day was the sign saying something like “Danger, animal crossing”. Cool, I will get to see a bear or a elk. Off I set, eyes wide, looking side to side. Nothing. OK, not to be beat, I started offering peanut butter, honey and Yogi’s favourite, Picnic baskets. Still nothing, one last try, an English lean leg of human. Nout! Where are these animals. Then I saw it, I was amazed! An animal crossed in front of me!! A butterfly! An efffing butterfly WTF! I have now come to the conclusion that the wild animals of the Tetons are like the Loch Ness Monster, a Haggis, jackalope or Tom Cruise being straight. They are all a myth! However, cycling home in the dark last night, I was seriously shitting myself as I had no lights and had to cycle through the woods on my own for like, a few miles! Shadows and noises jumped out from all sides. Nothing! Not even a butterfly!

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