Thursday 19th July 2012
Day61 - West Yellowstone - Day off down the range

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Best day ever.
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Blog for the day (Friday, 20 July 2012):
OK, I’ve always wanted to shoot some guns, I guess too many movies as a kid. On this trip, on the days off, I keep trying to do a Internet search to see if there is a place in town. Today I hit gold!! Success! “Wanna shoot a REAL machine gun?” said the website and flyer. Hell yeah. So I went off to shoot as many fun guns as possible. I chose thea Sig Sauer pistol, Beretta 92f, Smith & Wesson revolver, Uzi, Mossberg shotgun, Vector Uzi and a AR-15, oh and a KRISS.

How much fun though, the guns and the instructor were spot-on. I got all the safety info and how each gun worked, plus what to expect with recoil etc. They were certainly loud with some having a bigger kick than others. I found the pistols very hard to aim properly, maybe with more practise so I knew where the trigger engaged, that might of helped. Same with the shotgun, although it was the general aiming with that which was off. The Smith & Wesson though, dam I was good with that gun!! The machine guns were coo too, the AR-15 was simple and it felt right, a bit like the KRISS. Want to write more, but need bed.

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