Friday 20th July 2012
Day 62 - West Yellowstone to Ennis

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Another long hard day, legs felt like jelly. Nice views but barron.
Length - 12min 51
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Start time: 07.14
Start location: West Yellowstone
Start State: Montana
Start weather: Cloudy
Total millage so far: 3,152.9

Finish time: 12.39
Finish location: Ennis
Finish State: Montana
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 74.8
Total millage so far: 3,227.7
Today's top speed: 39.7
Today's average speed: 18.5
Today’s ride time: ?hr ?min quick!
Punctures - 2 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel)

Music played:
The Essential Mix - Seb Fontaine - 20-10-07
The Essential Mix - Luciano - 01-10-11
The Essential Mix - AN21 & Max Vangeli - 05-11-11
The Essential Mix - Alan Fitzpatrick - 12-11-11

Blog for the day (Saturday, 21 July 2012):
Hmm er, writting it a day late and cant remember now. sorry. I was, however, overtaken by a butterfly while cycling up the hill in Yellowstone! GREAT! The road was pretty crappy in places with only about a foot width to cycle in, inbetween the rumble strip and the verge. I went off a few times, mainly because of the great tail wind we had, pushing up my speed over 30mph for miles. I wouldnt recomend the Ennis cafe either, odd tasting "chicken" and rude staff. Fun night out on the tiles though, pics on the next days blog.

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