Thursday 26th July 2012
Day 68, Missoula to Lochsa Lodge

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MP4 Quick Time
More coyboy & Indian countryside. A spot of heavy rain.
Length - 12min 46
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Sorry I couldn't be there today to say goodbye, but my thoughts were with you all. x

Start time: 07.45
Start location: Missoula
Start State: Montana
Start weather: warm
Total millage so far: 3,508.06

Finish time: 13.15
Finish location: Lochsa Lodge
Finish State: Idaho
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 58.51
Total millage so far: 3,566.57
Today's top speed: 34.6
Today's average speed: 14.7
Today’s ride time: 3hr 58min 09sec
Punctures - 3 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel), (major blowout)

Music played:
The Essential Mix - Butch - 03-03-12
The Essential Mix - Moguai - 10-03-12
The Essential Mix - Martyn - 17-03-12

Blog for the day (Friday, 27 July 2012):
We keep seeing these signs for animals on the road, or more specific ones like moose on road. Of course, we never see these animals on the road. It's only now hit me why this is. They have all been shot and are looking down on us from every wall in every building in the states we cycle through.

Leaving Missoula was kinda sad as it is the beginning of the end, plus we had to negotiate that nasty road back to Lolo before getting on the quite roads again. Not a great deal happened, nice roads, amazing countryside, a brief race to the top of the pass, a heavy rain storm, slippery conditions on the way down. More amazing scenery, the best, walking through a forest full of really old trees, meeting some nice old Americans and then getting into camp, eating another elk burger, (oups I am not helping to see the wildlife by eating it), and that has been the day! PHEW!

Dam, just had dinner and remembered all these things I wanted to write about, not I can't remember them, groan!

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