Thursday, 2nd August 2012
Day 75 - Baker City - DAY OFF

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Blog for the day (Friday, 3 August 2012):
Day off today, lovely, but the last of the trip. This time next week it will all be over, the journey, the cycle across America, over 4000miles. It's going to be strange, I don't think its sunk in yet, I guess it's because there are still cycle days left. (Just seen on the news that the Mississippi which we crossed, has been closed to ships and barges as the water level has dropped so much that they are running aground.)

So Baker City, lovely little place, friendly and pretty, not dirty and grubby. A few closed shops, but the place looked clean and well kept. Today I just walked around the town, checked out the gold nuggets in the bank, the ice cream shop again, and just little nice shops here and there. I picked up the bike from the shop, new back tire, a couple more inner tubes and having been given a good clean.

The Olympics have been good, I have managed to watch a lot of it the past few days, not sure what stays are coming up though, TV or not. We had our playoffs tonight, Great Britain Vs The Netherlands. Both Ublad and I were drawn on gold first place. We were given these tiny bikes which my legs kept hitting the bars, no breaks, apart from some kinda back peddling system. There were two rounds around the ducks, a slalom course. I lost the first by miles after I scratched my leg on the bars. Switched bikes for the second race, this bike was even worse, but I did better on it, coming in very close. Still, I lost that race too. Oh well, Chris Hoy won gold in the Olympics earlier, so that's good enough :)

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