Monday, 6th August 2012
Day 79 - Redmond to McKenzie Bridge

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MP4 Quick Time
Long video. Lovely breakfast stops, lots of fun in the town then cycled up a mountain and down the other side. Maybe too much down hill.
Length - 22min 40
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Start time: 07.20??
Start location: Redmond
Start State: Oregon
Start weather: Cool
Total millage so far: 4,128.1

Finish time: 14.13
Finish location: McKenzie Bridge
Finish State: Oregon
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 58.27
Total millage so far: 4,186.4
Today's top speed: 36.6
Today's average speed: 14.3
Today’s ride time: 4hr min 04 13sec
Punctures - 5 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel), (major blowout), (back wheel 31/7/12) , (back wheel 01/8/12)

Music played:
The Essential Mix - Luciano - 01-10-11

Blog for the day (Wednesday, 8 August 2012):
Cold start then hot, then cold. It was hard to work out what to wear as the ride temperature kept changing. We had a hill out of the start town which went on for a while with lots of fun-fair traffic passing us. The view of the mountains on the left and right was spectacular, I had to keep stopping for photos. We made it into Sisters where we had our photo taken on the crossing. We then had a huge second breakfast which slowed me right down from the off. I couldn't get going. There was a huge climb too which went on for miles, great views, lots of trees, lava formations, old burnt trees and lovely smells of pine. The heat intensified as did the grade of the hill and scenic views. When we got to the top it was amazing, such a clear day, we could see all the mountains around us, the old volcano's which blew their tops, spuming out all the lava we could see.

The ride down was amazing, almost as good as the one in Virginia where I got lost, the roads were pretty empty and I could use all the good tarmac on both sides. There was a little grit and stones on some corners, but not much. The only car I caught up graciously moved out the way for me too. GREAT!! On the way up were several other cyclists, part of another tour. Christ,they were a miserable lot! Glad I’m not cycling with them, old and not very cheery. I waved and said hello, and got nothing in return. So, being cheery me, I kept saying “hello hello hello hello hello” as I cycled past, saved saying the f*ckyou really fast so that it sounds like thankyou. Grumpy lot. There were some wet patches on the ground which made me slow down a bit. Glad we had this downhill now and not a few weeks ago when I was still a bit jittery on the fast downhills. Got into camp and that was today!

oh yes, and we dropped 3,000ft in under 20miles, exciting!

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