Glastonbury Festival 1992, my first proper Glastonbury, and it's pretty mad,
a different layout than now.

On what was then the NME stage is The Shaman singing "Move any Mountain." No matter how close you are the performers always look small. Strong smell of poppers. A huge bouncy ball is being pushed above the massive crowd. Everyone goes for it, Shamen were amazing!
They played some stonking tunes that night that got us in the mood for more partying. This party was great, playing all the top '92 summer tunes. Well organized with a good sound system, lasers, top D.J.'s like Producer and Mach 1 who is playing in this photo. A shot looking back, the lazer bouncing off a mirror ball, looked amazing at the time.
Another free party on the Pilton site. Extra left over pics recently found  
    The overhead power lines can't be good for us or the cows!!

The morning after, trying to pick our way through the tented city.        
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