Glastonbury 2002, a huge fence was put up to stop all the scally's and dealers getting
into the festival. This worked! but the atmosphere had died inside. 30.06.02

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£7 this year for a program.        
Off site parking, numbers were down, most were pretty empty. I don't know how these can legally work as u get free parking when u buy a ticket, so all these must be people without tickets? A few scally's trying to get in. No one could though, Apparently a whole family from Liverpool who cause 90% of all the crime at each G'bury fest were arrested breaking into cars.
The village was no busier than usual, although the locals still moaned.   How can they moan if they encourage them by selling booze openly!
Huge fence keeping them in. Still lots of dodgy'ness going on. Police had it pretty much under control.
Lots of fake tickets, but very hard to beat the original. Usually this is jammed pack with cars and coaches, this year it was dead.  
Inside the dance tent on sunday morning at about 11am. Lots of nice toys. Not sure if anyone stands guard over it at night though.
Not sure if it would fit under your shell suit though. Looked pretty good, although didn't get to see it in all its glory. 11am and no one about, i was shocked, usually there are loads of people wandering around this time of day.
The place was deserted, it is a lot safer on the site though. Looked great inside, shame I missed the Fri and Sat night parties. NME stage or Other stage as they call it now.
I was just shocked at the lack or people milling about.   Not sure who these guys were.
Pounding away on their drums, reminded me of the riots in soho with the Sex Workers United drummers. Some comedian. And a juggler. Killing time before meeting up with the guys.
Over to the pyramid stage. not much going on. Cloudy, but it was warm which was lovely. Some singing ladies thing going on.
Not sure what it was all about, but I didn't hang around for long. The famous bogs, stank as usual! Roger, what do you think?
Those who have been know what its like. At least they didn't blow shit into the dance tent this year. A few more people are up now, about 1pm. Headed for the Jap' noodle bar as always.
James finds it hard to bare too. Some girlies getting up for the day. Lots of little shops selling all kinda of junk.
Piece to camera Take 1 Piece to camera Take 2 after a fit of the giggles. Roger was looking at puppies most of the weekend
For most of the day we just bumbled around the site. Seeing what was about. And who/what was about.
Dancing hippies mostly.   In the tee-pee field people selling vodka orange, tv crews, and general vagness.
very quiet and relaxing.   A few spun out and lost people.
Roger giving his verdict on everything.   Some mad lost hippie.
Brazil winning the world cup, again.   Lost vagness.
  Jon doing his thing to camera as we wander around the top end of the site heading for the stone circle.
Walking around the edge of the site The fence was just huge, there was no way you could get in. Sometimes u can push it over, or put a ladder up or something. This time, no chance. There were more watch towers and more dodgy security.
Welsh dragon. I missed what happened here, but apparently this guy just collapsed in a heap. Something or other.
Looking from one side of the site to the other. Certainly less haze, usually there is a smoke that just hangs above the site. While sitting down eating some much, which prob' caused me to puke later, (or perhaps it was the 4 hash cakes), this thing walks past. Its funny at Pilton, even when u see the weirdest things, u just take it for granted and don't look for too long.
At the Glade, looked nice, certainly a lot cooler here because of the trees, a really nice location. Lots of people here, must have been late afternoon about 34pm. Music was trancey and breaky, pretty cool.
Not sure who was playing. But we all got into it.  
Lots of pretty people grooving too.    
Everyone was enjoying themselves. The site felt safe, that was the good thing, even though the atmosphere has been lost. Walked around and didn't see any trouble, or any of the usual suspect trouble makers. The one bad thing i guess was the lack of dealers, couldn't score to save our lives!
Horns were out that day, and so was the sun. was lovely!    
  The Rolf Harris fan club were in town again. Missed him play this year, but seen him a few times.
I cant see that this is a good way to go around the site, anyone who's been knows what its like ether. Looking down to the Other Stage, lots of people, but not the swarms there usually is.  
Dance tents seemed popular as always.    
Superstar DJ, well, god knows who he is. In the Smirnoff tent. Music was good, but it was just empty, not many people getting down. I guess it was packed at night, and i wish I was there on Fri and Sat night.
The lighting and visuals were good. But just empty.  
    Chilling out over by the main dance tent.
  Jon taking it easy and enjoying a break from London too. Rog waiting for that all important phone call to say he starts work on Monday! well ok, maybe not.
Badly Drawn Boy or something. Main stage was packed. Good to see the pyramid back in all its glory
Big screens either side of it now. The set up was good. Walked around most of the site. ...and stumbled across this guy.
The Radio 1 commercial cheese tour. Yes its that fab DJ wots his name. Shame he cant mix to save his life. Makes good records though. Everyone was enjoying it and it was pretty good. Nice vibe and all.
    In the.... mix? well, playing with all his knobs!
  when he finished some mad looking people came on so we went. Caught enough for the fat man to enjoy it.
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