Glastonbury 1994, no festoval last year.
This one was pretty hot, and one of the best ever.
If only all the festivals were as warm and dry as this one.

The program, £5!!!!!
Part of the ticket for this years festival. Arrived on the site Saturday morning by some blag or other. Got our tickets and were sorted for the rest of the festival.
Waiting with Gareth and Stewart at the meeting point for the others. Grant Lee Buffalo playing on Saturday afternoon, still waiting at the main stage. M People live at the NME, very good. The crowd was rocking with everyone enjoying themselves.
Bjork played next, everyone loved it, a few pissed prat's spoilt it, bikers and the like. Lots of shoving and pushing resulting in part of the crowd going over with people stepping on each other so not to get crushed. Still Saturday at the NME, met up with everyone else after much faffing. Orbital played a wicked set. Some fire experts who managed to catch themselves alight in the process. Excellent show.
Even madder was when the audience were nearly included in the explosions, still, good to watch. Big free party, excellent sound system, but really crap mixing. Early Sunday morning on the way to the radio station where we were due to mix at 5.00am, passing through the Avalon field.
Quality radio station run by Troy. Hardly anything worked in there, the Technics were hanging out. Played some bouncy music, while Creativity played stonkin' hardcore at 5.30 am!! madness. There was a dead person in a tent before we started mixing being removed by the police. 6.00 am in the morning at it's time to go home for a sleep. The party is still going, others are still up while I'm coming down. Another party near the Milk tent, close to the Cinema field and the party mentioned above.
View of the site on Sunday morning. Back on site and sitting with Jon while listening to music in the Cinema field. A kid walks past with a cardboard box over him, how bizarre!! James live on Sunday, amazing, the guy is totally mad, but bloody excellent
Some extra photo's not put up before. Shakey one of M People again and Bjork
The milk bar, i think. Home to the biggest brightest light which shone into the sky all night. Another of one of the many great free parties. Hard to make out, but the screen in the background had many projections shone onto it, looked amazing
  The firestarters again Cinema field. Great location
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