Glastonbury 1995, another year, another Glastonbury,
but this time it's really hot!!

Yet another £5 spent on a program, Mike gets his free though. No sure how we got in this year, or when. But one of the first pics is of this free party inside the site. At least, i think its from the festival Chilling out in the Outdoor cinema field again, listening to music they play and laughing at some kids dancing their heads off still. Loads of people about 100-250,000 are the rumours.
Saturday shot of the stage. The wind turbine is back again. Straight to the Dance tent to see what it's like, not bad and it's full already. Dance tent again, i think
Best view on top of a tractor Saturday and back again, it's cooler today which is great news. In the top field the fence has been pushed over:-) who knows how many got in. So many people it was crazy, trying to get to the main stage.

Orbital live? on the Main stage this year, Saturday. Shame about all the pissed up people giving attitude, have to give some back. Bad idea to have beer stalls on site. After Orbital it's over to the Dance tent again, bloody wicked. Dance tent still, the music is great. I found some old goodies stashed at home, after dropping half of it over myself at the police checks, managed to salvage some and try it out, great, it still works!!
The music stops and everyone goes wild, as you do. Some dick
head comes on stage and starts giving attitude about leaving the tent. Of course no one's having any of it.
People going wild And so off their faces.
Lighter crew nearly burn the place down, idiots. Music was amazing  
Glastonbury is 24hrs, nothing stops at all. We check out some
free parties, after that we go and watch Forest Gump, Reservoir Dogs and Baraka. Gump was excellent, the crowd were cheering him on, it was packed and warm too. Perfect.
Not sure what's happening here Sunday and its boiling!!!
Alison & Jo trying to set up their tent on the Thursday? (unless taking it down as this would have been taken on the Sat' or sunday), acting like idiots as usual. See it can be hot in Glastonbury Sunday, and after the three S's, we're back and Simple Minds are playing, not bad, but full of jokers.
Carl Cox live in the Dance tent on Sunday night, the main event.
Fantastic. The best hardcore DJ about playing techno that night, amazing is not the word.
Everyone put their hands in the air.  
  The needles are jumping Carl, Oi!Oi! The lads in full effect after Carl Cox, at the free party in the background. It was on site, not bad. Good layout
with projectors and sound system.
On the way back to the car in the morning we check out another free party in the car pack, it was playing old hardcore which was great, but the mixing was trash. Take a few last pictures to use the film up. Car overheating, and there is a total twat on the gate that wont let us out, joker!    
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