Glastonbury 1997, last year was off and this year turned into a soggy muddy festival, but stuck it out,
shame it isn't like last time. They moved the Cinema field also.
Why?? it was perfect where it was.

Yet another £5 on a program.
Car pass.
Security pass.
Friday morning pic of the mud! This year i worked on site which was good fun. Had access to the site for about a week before the festival, so got to explore. Sarah and Alison at the Parrots Pantry. Inside the dance tent, music is hard and industrious.
The place fills out quickly because of the weather. Back stage looking out Chris and his bro come to check out what's happening
The mud is not deep, only in places. Just bad as it sticks to your boots. Sunday and everything started to dry out, problem is the mud is like glue to our boots. Great food bar in the background. Some areas, mainly by the stages, it was bad. - The "other" stage. It's swamped in mud and you can't get through it to see the bands, well, it wasn't not worth it. Saturday afternoon in James's tent, having a good old laugh about the mud.
A shot of the overall site from one of the top fields where we normally camp. The weather is closing in now. Another shot from outside the Dance tent, not too muddy here. Although the mud was up to your waste in places. Good setup in the dance tent
Inside the Dance tent and some crazy band is playing funky weird stuff Looking back down to the site. I think this must have been taken on the way out/home or the way in. Maybe its Saturday morning. Who's on the main stage? Simple Minds?
The weather is closing in and it starts to rain heavily, it's getting colder too. Saturday and Cheryl Crow is playing, not bad. Sting live on Sunday, excellent set, but have to go to work, shame.
Roger (Rewind), Jon and myself at the "other" stage having a laugh. Another shot of the lads. Back to work in the dance tent, no rest.
No idea who was on. Shame i didn't make more notes  
Dodgyness going on in the Dance tent. Daft Punk play an amazing last set, the place is crammed full of people, some pissed up jokers though.  
Another year over with.        
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