Glastonbury 1998, what a muddy year this was, even worse than last year.
We arrived and got in on the Wednesday when it seemed all right, warmish anyway. By the Friday
it was pissing it down. I stayed for about 7 hours before being evacuated to
a hot bath at home. Shame because of the great shows like Robby,
and the films on. The cinema field was still in a crap place too.

A muddy front cover of the annual £5 guide to Glastonbury. A very wasted man staggering across the Dance tent field. He kept falling over so God knows what he had taken, everyone was laughing. Totally out of control, what was his story?? Half naked, wasted and covered in mud. He kept falling over face first into the mud. A few jokers pushed him over which the crowd watching did not appreciate, but that's the problem of introducing beer tents. Saw him in Safeways a few days later fully clothed, scary looking chap, very pissed off.
A shot of the now famous toilets being sucked out. Again, many stories connected with them, babies being born is just one. Check out James site later for even worse photographs. A mud man, totally with it and having a great laugh, good on him. I'm off home Not before seeing Ralph Harris, amazing. The whole crowd was with him even though it was poring with rain outside and leaking into the tent. Highly recommended.
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