Glastonbury 1999, not a great year. The weather was pretty good in comparison to the last few years,
even got a little sun burnt. But the whole festival from start to finish lacked continuity and
structure. From trying to organize ways in, to Rogers car blowing up just outside gate 3,
till it being broken into at the end of the festival gave Glastonbury '99 a negative feel.
Although the lineup wasn't great, we missed most of the bands. But there were some dam
fine moments and laughs thrown in for good measure, so here we go.

No £6 program as that was nicked too. Arrived on Friday on site carrying loads of stuff after waking up late. The usual pitch in the top field was full, so we hunt for another. Found one lower down in the next field. Check out the panoramic view later. Looking dead cool in my shorts which were later to be nicked. The new stage in the background and it's boiling hot.
Couldn't tell you who was playing, but there isn't that many people on site, I guess many are still waiting on the weather. A trip back to the car to pick up more supplies we visit the main stage,
again, no idea whose making the noise.
Trippy, walking doors??? Anyway, the kids were enjoying themselves. To the far right of this picture was the best breakfast tent on site.
OK, time to get ourselves sorted and down to the party. Lovely evening, Johns happy, and Roger is, well, pulling funny faces, hmmmm. Straight to the dance tent and it's pretty busy. Great deco inside. Who's playing? is it Fatboy? maybe. Want some water?
Everyone's going for it again, Fatboy's mixing is something to be desired, as in no mixing at all. Pre-prepared made records give a boring mix. But still,
the tunes are kicking.

So many people crowded into this already huge tent.
Still in the dance tent and it's boiling, need some more water and a smoke.

Same as previous pix, "X" means picture needs to be sorted out and re-done Everyone is giving it their all as the last track of the night comes on. John and myself outside the tent looking for something else to do, can't remember what we got up to though.
Saturday morning and it's the view of the site from our tent. Shake the cobwebs from my brain as another day of decadence starts with a huge......
Staggering around the site looking for food and drink, huge party there last night. After shooting home for a sh*t, shower and shave I'm back at the meeting point of Rogers car again.
Saturday night and it's mind blowing. I think the jungle head were playing in the dance tent again, Fabio and Grooverider, but who's playing now?? I push forward and leave the others just behind me, the music is great.
Right over to the other side of the stage where we meet up with the others. J.K. has stood up his m8 Anthony who came down, oh well. Carl Cox is about to start.

People chilling outside the dance tent, still handing out flyers for my site not knowing that the fuckers have closed me down. (freeserve, remember them?!) Bad pic! On the way back from getting out beers, and missing Praga Kahn, I take some photo's of this flaming chap, or is it flaming mo.
Whoosh!! Mind yourselves, quick Carl Is about to begin.
There he is, well, a blur of the fast moving Carl, perhaps he should be called fat boy. He's the best, the tunes are kicking, just like a few years ago, now that was a party.
Everyone is in awe of this god. Either that or pilled up. You know the score, it's bloody hard core down the line. The beer boys are in the house, and the bad boys out.
Ant' is enjoying himself, but let's push forward, mind out for the person having a fit on the floor, or are they just break dancing.
Preaching to his servants, Carl let's rip with another top tune.
Nice picture of some hats

How far can I get, bloody wicked, the place is full, and there are even more people outside dancing the night away
Anyone for poppers??? Well, we tried to get to the cinema field, but ended up freezing our tits off instead of rushing, oh well.
Last shot of the night
What can one say??? I'm getting up and out for some fresh air. Sunday morning, our heads spinning and Roger taking it easy in the tent, peace man! One of those panoramic shots of our camping area. Any one recognize their pitch??
A shot of the tipi field Another shot, really hot mid day sun, on the way to the car I think to charge the phone. The main drag upto the stone circle, still not that busy, although Saturday night was jammed pack.
Drinking our healthy energizer drinks that John managed to spill down his leg, why? ask him :-) Lenny kicks ass on stage. One of the only live bands me managed to see. Very good and the atmosphere rocked too. A picture of the gang, John Nula, Ian and Rog'. Ian looking smug as a light drizzle dampens the crowd.
A night time shot of the gang again, John trying to arrange an evacuation with James and the Land Rover. On the way back to pick up the tent and stuff we find a techno party in one of the green fields, near a mammoth I think. Good projections, but not many people knew about it.
Through a tunnel and it;s a jungle tent, great sounds, but again, not many people. In the mix with ???? Time to go home and get some sleep before work in a few hours. Last shot of the festival
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