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Then again ended up at the Smirnoff tent. Another superstar DJ, *yawns* Oh, he has disappeared up his own asse from where he thinks the sun shines!
Some hippie gets down to the music Hands in the air for the 15th playing of the same tune in less than a hour, or is it another remix. Sound system is ok as is the lighting.
Pretty good vibe in there, just not packed enough. Looked great. As it gets later, more people do venture out and make tracks for where they want to be for most of the night.
Something or other. Ask Jon, but he aint got a clue either. Chris, well, i think he's been on the cake again.  
    Another one of those little things
  Oh, he can walk, just too biffered to try. This guy, well we thought he had died! his mates still gave him booze as he was out of it.
ooooo on comes Groove Armada The speakers hummed to the bass lines Groove Armarda played. Shame the mic on the cam couldn't handle it The crowd loves the tunes
The cameras get in the way, bloody BBC.   Funky guitar
On the macs, needed 2 incase they crashed, which i think they did! LOL    
  Smoking his spliff. At last his mates realise something is wrong! we & others tell them to get him out of the crowd and to help, but they don't give a toss.
Check his breathing Nothing. DEAD
The girls love it The tracks are amazing and even though its cold and wet, its just fantastic. Some old hippie staggers on stage, think he awoke from a pure one he smoked in 1969, hearing music he finds his way on stage.
  The tempo increases The lyrics get faster
    the crowds start to go wild
and cheer and jostle, some REAL atmosphere at last, something that has been missing since arriving that morning on site. Just like the old days when the crowds were huge. Thinking of Bjork and M people, Prodigy. IT was kicking back then.
  hmmmm? Rain comes down which is a bit of crap.
Doesn't really stop the crowd.    
  Some nutter manages to get on top of the control tower. Does a back flip before any of the wasted people below notice he is up there.
    "can u sign my record please?"
Groove Armada finishes, great show. Off to the glad again, some pretty cool tunes. Lovely lighting
  Some old media people filming people.  
Then onto the Krishna Dance Tent Was kicking in here. a few jokers taking the piss though. Introducing Ya Kid Kay on the mic.
A shot of the site lit up at night. On the way back to the tents we pass the Radio 1 dance thing. Good lighting I'll give them that.
Ooo, looks like DJ up your own arse is playing again. Not sure who was on, music was ok.  
Better than Rod Stewart I must say. Loads of people about the main drag, making their way around the site or going home.  
We leave Rod and head over to the Jungle stage   Pretty good music
Not sure what the dancer was on though.   John on the phone, makes a change from Roger i guess ;)
A list of the acts. The whole site never had the same vibe as it did back in the 90's. It's just too commercial. There were only a few sound systems, no Joe Bananas this time. Fireworks were good though
They managed to drown out Rod, so that's a bonus. How can Pilton be improved? i don't know if it can. Hopefully the fence will stop other gate crashers coming down. But with less people on site, the atmosphere has gone. I bet the traders noticed the loss in takings this time.
I guess at least we can look back and know what it used to be like. The madness of getting in for nothing, pushing and shoving of 1/4 of a million people, drug dealers ally. Yeah it was more frightening before, and I did feel safer, so you cant win really.
Ian looking dazed and confused. MOS  
And that's it, the last view of Glastonbury 2002        
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