Steart Beach rave 2002.
A great rave on bank holiday/Queens Jubilee weekend. One of the biggest for many years.
I went along with my video camera and filmed as much as I could to document this rave.
I was lucky enough to be in contact with the organisers on this one, so knew where it was going to be held - roughly .

The video costs 7 pound for the 1hour version, this included's post and packaging within the UK.
There is a longer version with extra footage and music which is 10 with an extra 50mins of footage.

Also found 1 camera at the party, if u lost one then let me know!
Photos were developed, so see if you know anybody.

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Flyer to the party Back of the flyer / ticket    
5 pics taken from HTV rushes. Police talk to the party people At the begriming of the night the police had all the roads blocked.
This is where we drove through with no worries at all at about 11pm Eventually they let people through to the rave. Arriving with Roger at the party in Steart, driving down the lane we hit the main queue of cars!
not sure how many, but it was just like the convoys we used to be in years ago in the early 90's Also not sure how long we queued for so we could park, but it was ages The police gave up in the end, I'm not sure what they were doing on the beach in 2 riot vans.
They could not have done a lot with thousands of people turning up like that. Following the convoy of cars, people were parking up at this point, but we didn't want to walk! We parked pretty close to the rave and managed to get blocked in for a while, not as bad as some people though, all weekend! learnt from our earlier raving days.
Walked past a few smaller systems till we got to the main party, a jungle sound system greeted us, small but loud a shot of the crowd with still more people arriving and parking up, no idea how or when they left! Everyone was going for it from a early stage, we must have arrived at about 12pm, found some not all that good stuff and had a dance.
Had to use my nightvision to get some pics which was a shame, hard to film and take pics with a normal camera though. One of the sound systems had their DJ perched on top of a pebbled bank, no monitor or anything! a shot of one of the many sound systems that were set up, some were really good, lots of effort put into them.
Projections onto sides of vans, huge speaker stacks too. Another shot, closer up, of the party above. this was on the other side of the watery divide. Most of the sound systems were playing techno, some of it hard and rough, some like this one, pretty good stuff. stayed here for a while.
Another night vision shot of the same party. One of the best parties on site, maybe not the best sound system or lights, but the music was just great, stayed here most of the night. The party was bang in the middle of the site at a major crossroads, so everyone who passed by stopped and partied.
It was pretty dam loud and the sound quality was good too, but the tunes, well just the best techno.

Positive Energy on the projection.

Fire dancers had a spot near, what i was told to be, the Spiral Tribe system.
The girl was dam good with loads of people standing around looking on. She was there on both the nights i visited in the same spot, really good to trip out to. Everyone seemed to be having a wicked time, some bubbly girls turned up and danced the night away
This guy had totally lost it, we think lol. he was banging the caravan, then later on he was rolling around on the floor at the jungle system! One the DJ's at the jungle sound system. This is the guy again, lost the plot!
This was some VERY tall girl. Back to the main party again, dancing away with Roger, the only person who wanted to or could go to the rave. Same weekend as Homelands, and it was boiling! Again the lights were not great, but it took you back to the old days, these guys really pulled it off!
Loads of people, from different backgrounds. this was the first proper rave i'd been to for a very long time, fantastic! Some reports say upto 10,000 were at this party! I would have said nearer 3,000 tops.
Lots of nice people there, all smiling and having a great time. Lots of cyber people too all togged up in LCD's etc Looks pretty good, and its better than glow sticks
It brings people up, so its good. Looking at the site from afar, its just mental. you have a nuclear power station in the background. Loads and loads of sound systems all pumping out music and lights. Who knows what the workers thought at the power station. Mr Burns would not be happy.
Some of the equipment was hardcore! when we used to go partying it was nothing as good as this, people have invested a lot of money into these rigs. Mixing it up at Tribe of Munt i think Quality sound system and music, loads of people dancing at this one.
Dj's sorting out their next tunes Pumping out some loud banging tunes. Really good sound quality makes the party was it is.
That's why u have to donate some cash to the rig. Night vision again, just everyone enjoying themselves. There was no bad vibe at all at this festival, no bad boys, no attitude, good clean fun. Morning comes and you can see a lot of messy people, everyone knows its the worst time, the magic disappears with the sun.
People leave but come back later like yourselves, well we were only about 30-40 min's away. People still up as they stagger back to their warm cars. Not sure what happened here, could have just been a broken ankle from those dam pebbles.
Sun comes up and we escape at about 6am after being boxed in for ages by some hippy army truck! Herbie turns up when we return at about 7pm on sunday evening with Sister, Jim and Roger again. People hanging and staggering back to their cars or home. always a sight in the mornings or evening in this case.
A couple of girlies walk along the beach. Bet they took some cleaning! People just chilling out. Extended Bank Holiday, so people just stayed for more partying.
Even managing to play footy, better than the England squad anyway. Looking down the track that led to the party. Hinkley Point glowing in the background
Would not have got in the sea like some people did, have to be mad! The site was big, not as mad as Castle Morton, no where near. Little hippie kids enjoying the music. No little shits who splashed water on Steve and John like at CM.
In a way this lifestyle is like a film set, Blade Runner or something, especially at night. People passed out, coming down, dead LOL, casualties everywhere. The tide is out, but it didn't stop some people. The weather stayed warm, it didn't rain which was nice, although it threatened it all weekend.
Mixing it up, changing records at Tribe of Munt. Great sound system, it was so loud and clear, no distortion. its hard to pick that up on the video. A Will look-a-like gets down to the music.
Professional set up, respect to these guys for putting up the system. Looking back to one of the sound systems, think the small jungle one which was at the entrance to the site Tribe of Munt, one of the bets systems on site, very loud and high quality sound
Selling goodies lovely location, no mud or anything People dancing away on sunday afternoon
Dam pebbles, didn't see anyone fall over, but guess lots did in the dark Dazed and confused Chilling out and getting ready for another nights partying
Apparently this was Spiral Tribe back again, even louder than Munts system, very nice music Some london party people Another small sound system playing gabba
These guys ended up playing Five, its on video! a shot of some of the systems Not sure what these guys were upto, but they looked confused.
Walking to the next sound system Didn't go into this one, time was not on our side, had to shoot back home. Good system, lovely music for a sunday.
People dancing away Didn't notice what this guy was upto till i zoomed out, doh! Could have stayed here longer.
Good set up, lots of effort gone into it, the music when this was taken was good, later on it went onto hard gabba stuff. Smoke machine working overtime Looked good
and pretty loud too. Another shot of the party. Not sure what this guy was upto, walking out the water like that.
More sound systems with assorted speakers. The krusties had their crazy party going on. Another shot of the large rave, more sound systems.
think about 20 in all were on the site. All within spitting distance of the nuclear power station. I'm not sure how many people were on site at any one time, maybe 3,000
This guy was sorted, he had his lager, his whistles and looked to be off his face. She noticed my hidden cam, but i didn't notice her till it was too late, sorry. Everyone with a sound system came along to the party, no attitude, lovely vibe to it.
Not sure what this guy was upto, totally lost the plot i think. The krusties live band. Very loud and distorted, not sure what the song was called lol
Lots of people gathered at the sound system where we spent most of the night before. anther small system, anyone with some speakers came along and set up, it was great. A huge speaker stack put together by some reggae guys.
Very loud, not bad music, a little distorted though. There were a few guys dancing to it. But like Robs sound system, it was tucked out the way a little.
These guys, i have your camera! get in touch. A sound system next to Robs. One of the best systems in the daylight.
Poor dog! The hardcore band stage All the yicks were going mad for it.
Mixing it up. Loads of different systems. Most of them pretty small, but that doesn't matter! Feeling of life van Advertised to the max
  One way to get around the site i guess.  
I have no idea!    
  Covered in mud! lovely  
Hanging after too much. Going home again on Sunday evening.        
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