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Back again on Sunday night Still loads of people about, I guess people were ringing mates saying there is a huge party on, come on down. Think there may have been more on sunday night then saturday.
The lads walking from one party to the next    
    That's the end of my footage, went home and went to bed
These pics are taken from Chris's video. This is the police at the M5 meeting point. They tried to stop the convoy from converging on sites in the West country. huge convoy, loads of hippie trucks. A bit like a small Castle Morton.
Passing them on the way to the site. Reach the out skirts of Steart and the police block the road off. Not letting the ravers get on site.
The cars naturally block up the road as everyone just wants to get on site and party. All dressed in riot gear! making the situation worse if anything. Trying to break into peoples cars!
People just waiting around to see what happens. Police being police They were out numbered and if anything happened i don't know what would have happened. They would have had to withdraw!
    Loads of cars
The day is getting late, must have been about 6 or 7 in the evening. Police negotiations going on While they had to wait. Being so close to the site, we waited at home till we know the party was happening and drove down then.
  So the riot police in full gear blocked the road as the top man flew in.  
Here comes in as the trouble shooter.   Not a bad job is it.
  Everyone waits for him to arrive He gets a quick update
Seems like a nice go but goes into serious mode. Basically the best thing to do is to get the cars off the road, and letting the rave go ahead. Negotiations over, they head to the beach!! Its the best thing all round. They had to go somewhere.
Daytime Loads of trucks on site. Power station in the background
not sure where Mr Burns is. People chilling out in the morning sunshine. Very much a mini castle morton. But at night is when it all happens.
The multi rigs turn into hardcore raves! Lazer, lights, tunes Great night.
The atmosphere was so chilled out, no violence and trouble.    
oo, i wonder if that's the same superstar DJ from Glastonbury who disappeared up his own arse? i doubt it being a free party.    
Day time again Loads of people still bopping away.  
Then its back to the night and it all starts again.    
Last piece of footage I could get a still from        
Following photo's are taken with the camera I found
If u know them then let me know and I'll try and get the camera back to them. So not sure who the hell the people are. The group of friends, who own the camera?
Looks like they had a fun time though    
That's all of them!        
Telext news reports!    
    More internet reports
News clippings    
Rogers pics, thanks matey    
  Some photo's sent to me  
Article from MixMag Chief constable is out of his depth, says MP
Letter sent to rave party sound systems after Steart
Letter sent to rave party sound systems after Steart Letter sent to rave party sound systems after Steart Letter sent to rave party sound systems after Steart
RAVE Link to the HTV web news report        
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