A crazy party outside Taunton in the hills.
Jon, John and a few others came along.

The map, a cross marks the site, hopefully!
This crazy Circus In Avion party was totally acid induced! It's the same crew who did the original Lambert's Hill party in 1990. People dressed up as toothbrushes, What?? The music was acid house and not very easy to get into. Tigger was mixing. But they did play Sil-Windows in the morning.

People getting down to it in the circus tent. More "things" dancing around. It got worse, I wish I'd taken acid myself this time.

An extra pic of the night In the morning outside the party. It's cold and wet and we've got to get back but we're blocked in. On the way out we see the orange sound system from Castle Morton.

1,200 at big rave party

Newspaper clipping

From what I can see from the map/flyer, it was in the field by Biscombe, below the number "157"
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