Castle Morton
News clippings from the biggest free party in Britain, Castle Morton May 23rd, 1992.
The articles are taken during and the following few days of the event. We went on the Saturday night

Picture of the site Police powerless as 20,000 attend rave Jukebox fury of a village
Send in the troops A village of nightmares Flare attack on police helicopter
Hippies fire flares at helicopter Now give us back our beautiful lands Breaking the rules of anarchy (30.05.92)
Country dream to a hippy nightmare (28.05.92) Grim warning from man behind misery of Castle Morton (29.05.92)    
(multimap) I think it was where it says Herefordshire Beacon as I remember it was above the pond. its just to the right of of the 'M' in Malvern, in the triangle of roads mainly. and further to the right is the farm, where the chickens were borrowed for dinner    
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