Saturday/Sunday 23rd May Bank holiday 1992, the biggest free festival ever, and
one of the last. Soon after the C.J.B. was brought into prevent this kind
of fun happening again:-(

Arriving late at night at the huge site, walked for ages through rows of cars and traveler vehicles. Finally found a party, one of many. This was outside the D.I.Y. tent, on the left was a video projection wall. From the ceiling of the tent hung netting through which the light beams would pass. Great sound system.
Also hanging were plastic fish and weird shapes. Everyone off their faces.

Everyone was really going for it, loads of projectors and lights everywhere. Music was a little light for our liking

Apparently: the 2 blokes talking close to each other in the Castle Morton photo are Dale Martin & Sparks Harper from Trowbridge who used to dj techno back in the day! cheers jas

Standing on top of the speakers looking out towards the huge crowd of ravers John takes the picture.

Everyone seems to be having a great time, E'd up or not. More pictures of inside the rave. Outside another party, this one playing techno from an old army truck, seen at Oxford party??
Outside in the cold morning, getting light and it would turn into a lovely day. Early morning and it's cold, time for the next rave. Loads more separate parties on this hill site.
A weird sculpture of Terminator? or is it a generator? This system has been seen at a few of the parties we've attended. Here it was outside the Spiral Tribe tent we think. This party was playing jungle music inside another marquee with blowup plastic things hanging from the ceiling. Top Castle Morton 1992 D.J's playing here. Mid morning and the sun has come out. It turns into a lovely day, sitting outside the DIY tent chilling out. Unfortunately we have to go back home because of work.
A lost photograph showing the wonderful colours and set up at Castle Morton. The Police helicopter is buzzing the rave, wicked! It may not seem low, but it certainly was. In news reports travelers fired flares at the chopper to scare it off.    
2 extra pics came through on the new scans. They are not Castle Morton, as they are at the end of the roll of film Not sure which party they are from, so included them here.  
(multimap) I think it was where it says Herefordshire Beacon as I remember it was above the pond. its just to the right of of the 'M' in Malvern, in the triangle of roads mainly. and further to the right is the farm, where the chickens were borrowed for dinner    
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