Saturday 19th May 2012
Exploring the Williamsburg area

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MP4 Quick Time
Cycling around Williamsburg, a bit boring, edits too long. They will get better as we progress
Length - 4min 41
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Miles today:26.71
Total millage so far: 53.24

Blog for the day (Sunday, 20 May 2012):
Another hot day. Today was spent trying to search for a sim card for my iphone. OK, i thought it would be dead easy to just find a sim card and wack in my phone. nope. So, I planned to cycle out 5miles to the AT&T store and the Verizon store. I popped into a bike shop while down there and the guy behind the counter was cool, liked me bike, thought it was great to do the TransAm, so I said he should do it too. Even shook my hand! He gave me directions to the store but Verizon didn't sell any kind of sim card, while AT&T did sell them, but not with data, so no using the net. arse. The guy in the shop said try down the road, so went down to find it, missed the exit and ended up cycling 26 odd miles lol. I guess I got lost a little. I was heading to one of these old places, Jamestown or something, anyway, I ended back up in Williamsburg. I got there to see the drummers which was pretty amazing i got to say. I then got some nice chomp, some Virginian pork roll thing and a pint of "beer". It was meant to be English, but you know, it wasn't lol. On a hot day though, it was perfect. Lots of guys in old style uniforms, I was stuck behind this one guy for ages in the queue. He is serving in the army, so I found out.

Anyway, we met up this evening for our first meeting about the tour, exciting. Finally the whole group is here and we have met up, introduced ourselves and had a swell time. (yikes, I'm sounding native!) It's a real good group, everyone seems nice and has something interesting to say, cyclists from all over America. Another result this evening was Wendy and husband very kindly driving me out to Walmart where I got a phone. I had to admit defeat in the sim card area, so got a $15 phone with great coverage, $10 free calls on it. Bargain. So, i will just have to use Wifi to do TrackMyTour. That's about it. tomorrow we go down to the coast and dip our wheels in the sea/Atlantic, and we are ready to rock.

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